Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Report

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At St Mary's we welcome everyone into our school community. We work as a team to ensure that all pupils are able to access the National Curriculum at an appropriate level and achieve their full potential. The children at the school who have a SEND make good progress.

Does my child have a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND)?
The children at St Mary's are assessed on a regular basis against the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum. Children that are identified as having a significant difference to the expected levels of progress are then observed, monitored and assessed individually to identify any specific needs they may have which will then be supported by appropriate interventions. A collaborative decision will be made, led by informed assessments and advice taken from parents, staff and outside agencies (where appropriate) to structure the support given to your child.

Children who transfer from other schools will be assessed by the class teacher who will also use previous school records (including any previous history of special needs) to identify individual children's starting points. Parents and carers are an important part of this approach and good communication between home and school is vital.

If you are concerned about your child, then talking to your child's class teacher would be the first step.

How will St Mary's support my child?
The curriculum is carefully differentiated to meet the needs of all children, from the high achieving to those with learning needs or for those who have English as an additional language. This will enable all pupils to access the curriculum, make progress and achieve their full potential.
Some children may need more support than others to access the National Curriculum at an appropriate level. Some pupils may only require slight adaptations of the curriculum and others may benefit from small group interventions. Class teachers work closely with the SENCO to oversee and plan your child's education programme. You will be consulted and kept informed of any interventions that your child will receive. If your child needs an IEP (Individual Education Plan) this will be reviewed on a termly basis with you and your child. Some children with more complex educational needs may need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), which will be reviewed regularly and progress will be monitored by the Local Educational Authority SEND team.

All of the teaching and support staff have been trained in supporting children who have varied special educational needs and disabilities.
Our SEND governor has termly meetings with the SENCO to discuss the general progress of any children with SEND.
Janet Llewelyn is the SENCO at the school.

Children's progress is monitored and discussed regularly by staff to ensure that the children are making progress.

Support and interventions offered (Some groups are subject to change as and when the need arises):

 - Differentiated teaching and learning
 - Ability phonics groups
 - Ability maths groups
 - Paired reading
 - 1:1 reading
 - Speech and Language Programmes
 - Handwriting groups
 - Social skills groups
 - Breakfast club

How will St Mary's let me know how my child is progressing?
Regular consultation evenings are arranged to discuss your child's progress and learning with the class teacher. As a school with a genuine open door policy, you can always make an appointment to speak to your child's class teacher, head teacher or SENCO to discuss your child's progress.

How will St Mary's support my child's overall well-being?
Many members of staff are trained first aiders and all staff receive appropriate training for any specific medical conditions. Medicines can be given by the school as long as the appropriate forms have been completed. Individualised care plans tailored to your child's individual needs will be co-produced with you, your child and any outside agencies as appropriate.

Behavioural expectations in the school are high, all children are treated with respect and are expected to treat others with respect.

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?
Our school is fully inclusive and all school activities and visits are accessible by all pupils. Group and individualised risk assessments are devised in consultation with the children and parents as appropriate. Volunteers are welcomed to help on school trips subject to the appropriate checks. There are a variety of before and after school clubs for children.

How accessible is the setting school environment?
St Mary's is wheelchair accessible and we have disabled toilet access.

How does St Mary's support children transferring into and out of the school?
Transition arrangements in joining and leaving St Mary's are well planned and you and your child will be well supported. Children joining in Reception are given many opportunities before starting school to familiarise themselves with the school and the class teacher. When leaving the school at the end of year 6 children have the opportunity to visit their new schools and transition programmes can be individualised if appropriate.

How can I be involved in school?
We encourage parents to participate in the life of the school. Volunteers are always welcome in the classroom. Newsletters give information about events happening in the school. We also run courses for parents in phonics and maths so that parents/carers can fully support their children at school.

Who can I contact for further information?
If you have a question about the special needs provision at St Mary's then you can contact: Mrs J Llewelyn (Head Teacher & SENCO) at the school on 01903 714325.