Our Christian Core Values

Our school core Christian values underpin all that we do here at St Mary's. The children all believe in and know these values as we talk a lot about values within the school. In fact, the children are taught to identify how both themselves and others demonstrate the core Christian values in the work that they do in school. This is then celebrated in our Friday 'Celebration Assembly'. You can find our core Christian Values in numerous places around these school, in our reception area and in all of our classrooms. We even have a small group of children called 'Deep Thinkers' who discuss our values at depth with both our Headteacher as well as our Governors Ethos Committee. The core Christian values that we believe in and work towards are:  

If you want to see these in action then come and visit us, see what we can do. 


School Aims:

Our School aims are:

  • To maintain and promote a Christian ethos in line with our Church of England foundation. 
  • To develop the strong partnership between school, home and church and to encourage the role of parents and the wider community in all respects.
  • To use teacher's knowledge of children's capabilities and National Curriculum programmes to plan for learning activities matched with appropriate high expectations of achievement.
  • To ensure a secure, calm and happy community in which all children regardless of gender, age, culture or backgrounds feel encouraged to become equal partners in the learning process.
  • To provide a challenging and stimulating environment in which the child's developing confidence will encourage self-discipline and the fulfillment of individual potential.
  • Where learning is concerned we aim for the active involvement of children in constructing their knowledge through first hand experience and the appropriate use of secondary sources. We aim to use a variety of teaching strategies to promote a learning environment relevant and appropriate to the children's needs. We aim to give the children a positive image of themselves, in order that they become successful learners.


School Vision

We are a church school. Our Christian values underpin all that we do. We expect the best for everyone and of everyone.


Our pupils are ready to learn throughout their whole lives – they:

  • Are motivated, interested, keen to meet challenge
  • Know how they learn best
  • Know their strengths and are not afraid to recognise areas for development
  • Can recognise and express emotions and feelings appropriately
  • Have the skills they need to make choices and adapt to change
  • Can think creatively and function independently
  • Are secure in their values and in what they believe
  • Respect the feelings and rights of everyone
  • Respect the environment and the world in which they live
  • Have a 'can do' attitude
  • Are proud of producing results that are the very best of which they are capable
  • Know that they will be treated fairly by adults at school
  • Take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour, recognising that their actions will have consequences


All Staff:

  • Know that they are valued and respected
  • Know that they are part of a team and that all outcomes are the result of team effort
  • Make decisions in the light of the school's values and trust everyone to do so
  • Are confident that they will be listened to
  • Support each other and know that they can rely on the support of others
  • Continue to learn and develop


Parents Are:

  • Involved and informed
  • Supportive
  • Welcome in school and are listened to
  • Mindful of the professional expertise of staff and trust their judgement and integrity




  • Understand and support the shared vision for the school
  • Make strategic decisions in the spirit of the shared vision
  • Fulfil their statutory duties while supporting the headteacher to remain true to the school's vision
  • Are truly part of the school community and make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the pupils and staff
  • Recognise that they have a temporary role in the long life of the school and a responsibility to see the 'big picture' and plan strategically for the future


They are:

  • Welcomed and included
  • Significant contributors to school life
  • Involved and have responsibilities as well as expectations of the school