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Oversubscription Criteria

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St Mary's School, Clymping, is a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School situated in a rural village area. As an Aided School, the admission of pupils is made by the governors in accordance with arrangements agreed with the Local Education Authority. In accordance with the School Admissions Code, looked after children will be given priority over all others.

The school serves a dual role: it seeks to provide a place of Christian nurture for Church families while at the same time serving the local community. The planned admission number for each year group is 15. If more than that number apply for any year group the admission of pupils will be subject to the following priorities in the order set out. The highest priority is given to looked after children and all previously looked after children. Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to do so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order of special guardianship order.

  1. The child resides in the civil or ecclesiastical parishes of Clymping

  2. The child already has a sibling who is attending St Mary's School Clymping at the time of admission is presented to the Admissions Committee.

  3. A parent of the child is a regular attendee and is on the Electoral Roll for the parish of St Mary at Clymping.

  4. A parent of the child is a regular attendee and is on the Church Electoral Roll of any other Church of England parish.

  5. A parent of the child has regular attendance as confirmed by a church leader at a church of a Christian denomination

  6. There is exceptional reason, i.e. medical, social or educational (with written professional support) for admission to this school.

  7. Other children

When deciding between applicants who have equal entitlement under one of the above criteria the governors will have regard to the proximity of the applicant's home to the school.

  • Where only one parent/guardian satisfies a criterion, the application will be treated equally with one where the requirement is met by both parents.

  • Parents applying under category 3,4 or5 must complete a supplementary form ( available from the school office) giving the name of the priest or minister able to verify that the requirements of a particular criterion have been met.

  • Regular attendance at church is defined as attendance at a minimum of one service a month for a period of at least one year.

  • Church of Christian denomination is defined as a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and/or The Evangelical Alliance.

  • Children refused a place can, at their parents' request, be put on a waiting list where priorities will also be determined by the admissions criteria set out above. Children are kept on this list for a maximum of twelve months.

  • Late applications are considered after all those applications received by the specified deadline.

  • There is a right of appeal to an independent panel against a decision of the governors. Parents wishing to exercise this right should write to the clerk to the governors c/o the school.

  • Maps of the civil and ecclesiastical parishes of Clymping can be viewed at the school.

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St Marys Admission Policy, the Admission Policy for St Marys Church of England Primary School Clymping West Sussex.

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