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Appeals Procedure

Whenever an application for a school place is refused, the legal right to appeal against the decision will be offered to the applicant. An appeal timetable is published annually on the school website by 28th February.

This sets out the timeframe for the various stages in the appeal process and includes statutory dates by which appeals must be heard. An appeal form relating to an in-year application decision may be submitted directly to the school office at any time following the issue of the decision letter, during the academic year.

The Appeal form is available to download from the school website or can be collected or sent out from the school office. This form must be used for all appeals in connection with decisions issued by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee does not administer appeal hearings during the school holidays. Appeal forms received when the school is closed will not be processed until the school resumes.

St Marys Appeals Information, Appeals Information for St Marys Church of England Primary School Clymping West Sussex.

St Marys Appeals Information, St Marys Church of England Appeals Information, St Marys Primary Appeals, St Marys Clymping Appeals.

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