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Visits & Transfers

Preliminary Visits :

For parents of children who will be joining the reception class, appointments are arranged well in advance of the proposed date of admission, so the general information about the school can be made available and they have the opportunity to discuss matters of interest with the Reception class teacher. Before children are actually admitted to school, visits of familiarisation are arranged so that children have the opportunity of meeting their teacher, learning their way around the school, joining in activities with other children and generally getting to know the school. The idea is to alleviate any fears they may have and give them the confidence necessary for a smooth beginning to a vitally important phase of their education/school life. We also invite prospective new pupils and their parents to attend any school services or school social functions that are due to take place.

Transfers :

Parents seeking admission for a child between the ages of 5 and 11 should apply to the headteacher.

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