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Our Vision

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St. Mary's C. E. Primary School

Brookpit Lane,
West Sussex
BN17 5QU

Telephone 01903 714325
Fax 01903 732017

Headteacher: J Llewelyn

September 2016

We are a church school. Our Christian values underpin all that we do. We expect the best for everyone and of everyone.


  • Our pupils are ready to learn throughout their whole lives – they are

  • Motivated, interested, keen to meet challenge

  • Know how they learn best

  • Know their strengths and are not afraid to recognise areas for development

  • Can recognise and express emotions and feelings appropriately

  • Have the skills they need to make choices and adapt to change

  • Can think creatively and function independently

  • Are secure in their values and in what they believe

  • Respect the feelings and rights of everyone

  • Respect the environment and the world in which they live

  • Have a 'can do' attitude

  • Are proud of producing results that are the very best of which they are capable

  • Know that they will be treated fairly by adults at school

  • Take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour, recognising that their actions will have consequences


All Staff:

  • Know that they are valued and respected

  • Know that they are part of a team and that all outcomes are the result of team effort

  • Make decisions in the light of the school's values and trust everyone to do so

  • Are confident that they will be listened to

  • Support each other and know that they can rely on the support of others

  • Continue to learn and develop


Parents Are:

  • Involved and informed

  • Supportive

  • Welcome in school and are listened to

  • Mindful of the professional expertise of staff and trust their judgement and integrity



  • Understand and support the shared vision for the school

  • Make strategic decisions in the spirit of the shared vision

  • Fulfil their statutory duties while supporting the headteacher to remain true to the school's vision

  • Are truly part of the school community and make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the pupils and staff

  • Recognise that they have a temporary role in the long life of the school and a responsibility to see the 'big picture' and plan strategically for the future


  • Welcomed and included

  • Significant contributors to school life

  • Involved and have responsibilities as well as expectations of the school

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St Marys Vision, the Vision at St Marys Church of England Primary School based in Clymping West Sussex.

Our Vision

We are a Church school. Our Christian values underpin all that we do. We expect the best for everyone and of everyone. ... Click here to read more

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