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School Funding

St Mary's Clymping is a voluntary aided school

What does this mean?

We have more control over the way the school is run in areas such as our admission process and our premises it also means that we are funded in a different way to other schools.

An example of this is that each year a school receives income to be spent on capital projects within certain criteria. There is a formula used to calculate how much each school is given, we then receive 90% of this amount, it is a legal requirement for the School community, to raise the other 10%,with the governors having ultimate responsibility for this.

Aside from the current works the governors need to raise around £3,000 pa to meet this commitment and a few other liabilities. These are met from a variety of sources such as charitable donations, governor fund raising events and interest payments. In general, governors manage to raise this amount without calling on the school community and hopefully this will remain so.

Going Forward

We need to be able to make every event as profitable as possible, this may mean how to attract more people to events from outside the school or it could means the use of tax breaks such as gift aid.

What it most certainly mean is that we will need to ask ourselves questions of what we want to raise money for? What will the children get the most benefit from? Here we have to be guided by the Teaching staff, but ultimately you will know what you feel is important to you. No one is saying that all fund raising has to be for the new building and any money raised will not be swallowed up by the project or the governors' commitments. Mrs Llewelyn and staff are adamant that exciting events such as science week will not suffer and certainly when the target figure is raised we will have new whole school priorities.

One thing is certain though we all need to pull together; different people will be able to make contributions in different ways, for some it will be practical help at events, others will be better at approaching others and relieving them of cash and for others being able to give the cash itself. No one person or group has a monopoly on good ideas we need every interested party to think of ideas and ways of earning every penny we can. I look forward to working with you all.

Paul Griffiths
Parent Governor

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