Clymping School Fundraising Committee

Like all schools, St Mary's is no different in that it raises funds through various activities during the year. Fundraising is coordinated and organised by the Fundraising Committee comprising Governors and parents and chaired by the Headteacher. The Committee formally reports to the Governing Body and to parents through the regular school newsletter.

The Committee organises a number of major fundraising events each year:

  • Christmas Fair
  • A sponsored children based event around Easter
  • Summer Fayre

In recent years each of these events has raised between £1,000 and £1,600.

In addition other events, such as the Boundary Walk, take place.

The school also benefits from the generosity of the St Mary's Church, members of the local community  and the Clymping Parish Council.

After meeting commitments referred to in the school funding section of this website, the Headteacher and staff decide how and where money raised from fundraising should be used. The guiding principles are that funds should be spent on things that:

  • Enrich the children's experience of school
  • Cannot be bought from school budget
  • Benefit as many children as possible
  • Mean that all children are able to participate in school activities.

If you are interested in being part of this group then please speak to Mrs Llewelyn.