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Attendance at Meetings

Governor attendance at Full Governing Body meetings September 2020 – July 2021

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions, later meetings were held virtually.

  17.09.20 19.11.20 11.03.21 17.06.21
Laura Anderson X X X X
Christine Barker X X X X
Kate Beacher - - Appt X
Jane Bridgeman X X X X
Julie Burnett-Kirk X X Res -
Wendy Diggens X Res - -
Richard Hayes X X X O
Jeanette Marks X X X X
Aaron Morrissey X X X X
Matt Myerscough - - Appt X
James Shears   U X X
Callie Shergold X Res - -
Mark Taylor O X X X


X - Present
O - Sanctioned absence
U - Unsanctioned absence
Appt - Appointed
Res - Resigned