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Health and Medicine

Use of medicines and supporting children's health at school.

Prescribed medicines

The school policy is that, whenever possible, the parent concerned should come to school to give the prescribed medicine themselves. However, as some parents are unable to do so due to work commitments, the Headteacher allows essential medicines to be given to the pupils by a named and authorised First Aider at Work.

Parents who wish prescribed medicines to be given to their child in school must give written permission for this to be done on an Administration of Prescribed Medicines consent form. The form is available from the School Office.

Prescribed medicines must be worked around the school day so parents/carers are asked to ensure that any medicine needed falls during break and/or lunchtime.

Medication and inhalers must be in the original bottle with a spoon from the pharmacy and properly labelled. Parents/carers, please be reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that any medication kept in school for your child is regularly checked and in date.

Please note that we cannot administer creams or eye drops. Children are responsible for and permitted to self-administer sun creams in school.