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Curriculum Information

School Organisation

Children normally work in class groups with their own teacher. However, at times additional teaching is given by dividing children into groups and on these occasions they will often work with another member of staff. At the present time it is sometimes possible to give extra assistance to individual or mall groups of children with particular educational needs outside their normal class groups.

In the first place any matters relating to your child's general well being or progress should be discussed with their class teacher.

A feature of our school is "Freeflow," which is a way of working that captures and builds upon children's individual interests within a topic while building on and developing core skills. As a small school we have the advantage of being able to be flexible to meet the needs of individual pupils.

Schemes of Work

Should you require further details of National, L.E.A. or school schemes of work please contact the Headteacher.

The school holds regular meetings to discuss the curriculum including implementation of the National Curriculum, and appointments are given for parents to discuss with class teachers their child's progress within the curriculum.

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Curriculum Information, for St Marys Church of England Primary School based in Clymping West Sussex.

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