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School Aims within the Curriculum

Curriculum Information Image 1The curriculum is designed to give progression in the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes towards learning. A variety of teaching strategies are used to promote a learning environment which is relevant and appropriate to the children's needs. We aim for the active involvement of children in constructing their knowledge through first hand experience and appropriate use of secondary sources, and to provide opportunities for children to extend apply their knowledge and skills through problem solving and real life experiences.
We feel it is important that the children's work is given value in order that they develop a positive image of themselves and become successful learners.
The curriculum is arranged in the following way.

Curriculum Information Image 2Topic work :

Which may incorporate the following subjects:-

Music, Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Art, R.E., Health Education and Information Technology.

Subject Based Work :

Iin addition the following subjects may be taught as separate areas where this is deemed to be effective or is a statutory requirement.
Science, Mathematics, English, R.E., Art, Music, P.E. and Drama, PSHE and Citizenship.

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Curriculum Aims, for St Marys Church of England Primary School based in Clymping West Sussex.

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