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Subject Overview

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We use the Read Write Inc phonics scheme to support our children in their development of reading and writing. Children work in small groups for a session every day and practice sounds, reading and writing with an adult. We assess the children regularly and change their groups as necessary. Parents are invited into school from time to time to watch phonics sessions and work alongside their children.

When children move beyond the phonics scheme we continue to develop literacy skills through guided writing and reading sessions and independent activities.

We encourage parents to read and share books frequently with their children and children are welcome to change their school reading books as often as they wish.

Mathematics :

We teach mathematics using the learning system developed by Richard Dunne called "Maths Makes Sense." The children are taught in groups of about 15-20 and learn the skills of numeracy, measuring, drawing and reasoning. The Maths Makes Sense learning system recognises that maths is a special symbolic language and helps children articulate this language fluently, using concrete objects, exaggerated actions and special vocabulary. The children are taught through both formal learning, including Direct Instruction, Guided practice and Partner Teaching and informal learning including Daily Practice and the use of every-day contexts. Our approach to the learning and teaching of Maths is structured and robust, planned very carefully and very consistent.

For more information about the Maths Makes Sense planning please follow this link: http://richarddunnemaths.com/maths-makes-sense/

History, Geography, Science :

Much emphasis is placed on cross-curricular work, and our approach to the above subjects is generally topic based. Work will normally involve first hand experiences gained from visits made to places of interest including use of our local environment, and from experiences generated within school. Children will be involved in work to develop a range of skills such as investigation, classification, prediction, and observation. Children will also be taught to make appropriate use of a range of secondary sources such as reference material.

Personal, Social and Health Education :

Work on PSHE Education will be included in project work undertaken by the children. This will generally cover areas such as road safety, safety in the home, physical growth and development, dental hygiene, and a need for a healthy diet, sleep and recreation.
Sex Education forms a part of the curriculum for children in years 5 and 6. This will be studied as part of an on going topic on "Ourselves" which includes aspects of physical growth and development. Opportunities will be given for parents to discuss in advance the work to be covered and view any sources e.g. television broadcasts which are to be used.

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Music :

We aim to provide opportunities for children to learn to play the recorder and other instruments and to read music. We subscribe to the West Sussex Music Service and this year we have a visiting teacher who is giving singing lessons across both key stages. In previous years we have provided Samba and African Drumming lessons to the children in Key Stage 2. In addition to children's usual music lessons in class we are pleased to offer specialist music tuition provided by peripatetic teachers who visit our school during the week. If you are interested in your child receiving specialist musical instrument tuition, do collect a form from the school office which will give you the details on price and opportunities available.

Art :

Children are encouraged to become competent in craft skills and to use these to develop their creativity and express themselves visually. The school is fortunate in having a dedicated art and craft area. We contribute towards the annual Littlehampton Art Exhibition where our children's work is displayed.

Design and ICT :

From the earliest age children are encouraged to use a variety of the appropriate materials for construction purposes. They will also be encouraged to make and redraft designs relating to constructions. Our ICT facilities allow the children access to the latest technologies available. These technologies are embedded in the teaching and learning across the school, as well as being available for students to use to develop their own learning. Facilities include a new ICT suite with the latest PC technology, a trolley of laptops that can be deployed around the school, a number of Fizzbooks that are a cross between a tablet and a netbook, digital cameras, voice recorders, video cameras and access to a small number of the latest Apple Macs. These combined with interactive Whiteboards and two PCs in all the classrooms ensure that we stay ahead with technological trends. All of these technologies are used across the curriculum for a variety of purposes including research, data handling, drafting of writing, movie making and presentations.

Physical Education :

Children take part in organised swimming lessons at Littlehampton Sport Centre on a weekly basis for between one and three terms each year. In addition children take part in a range of physical activities including the use of large apparatus, movement, dance and drama activities, outdoor sport, games and P.E. lessons. Our children regularly compete in football and netball matches against teams from other local schools in Littlehampton. We have recently purchased a school football kit which has been sponsored by one of our parents.

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