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Our Golden Rules

Do be gentle - don't hurt anyone

Do be kind - don't hurt anyone's feelings

Do be honest - don't cover up the truth

Do work hard - don't waste time

Do look after property -don't waste or damage things

Do listen to people -don't interrupt

Safety Rules

Walk in school

Do not go onto the playground until the teacher is on duty

Observe the one way system i corridors at lunchtime

Pick up belongings in cloakrooms ad corridors - whoever they belong to

No footwear when using PE apparatus except for medical reasons

No jewellery for PE

Appropriate clothing/protection for the task

The school has a behaviour policy which aims to promote a positive attitude to behaviour. Parents are informed at an early stage if behaviour gives cause for concern.

Our Golden Rules | St Marys Church of England Our Golden Rules | St Marys Our Golden Rules | St Marys Clymping Our Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules, Our Golden Rules at St Marys Church of England Primary School based in Clymping West Sussex.

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