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Statement on Bullying

Bullying in all forms is unacceptable and is regarded as a serious offence within the school. A safe and secure environment, free of fear, bullying and intimidation, in which to learn and grow should be the right of all children.

Bullying includes any form of physical or verbal behaviour, which is aggressive in nature and which, is intended to make the recipient feel bad, undervalued or hurt. Examples of bullying could be found in persistent teasing, pushing, name calling, intimidation, telling malicious stories etc.

All incidents of bullying will require an immediate response by the member of staff observing the behaviour. Punishments will depend on the severity and frequency of the behaviour. All incidents of bullying will be reported to the headteacher. Severe or repeated occurrences will be communicated to the perpetrator's parents.

All adults in school have a responsibility to stop any bullying they may see. To fail to take immediate action is to condone and reinforce the behaviour. If in doubt whether bullying is actually taking place a sensitive intervention can be made and a possible event may be discouraged

It is the duty of everyone in school to support an atmosphere in which bullying is recognised as totally unacceptable. As a consequence spurious accusations could have far reaching implications and in some cases of bullying written statements may be taken from all the children involved.

Everyone in the school should work to the objective of St. Mary's school becoming a "no incidence" environment. The actions discussed in these behaviour document and initiatives to improve the self-esteem of all pupils will encourage this prospect.

Statement on Bullying | St Marys Church of England Statement on Bullying | St Marys Statement on Bullying | St Marys Clymping Statement on Bullying

Statement on Bullying, Our Statement on Bullying at St Marys Church of England Primary School based in Clymping West Sussex.

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